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Get ready for the world's first Photography Cringe Comedy.

Derp Drama.

Low-Budget Broadway.

(or whatever you want to call it)

This production offers full instruction on your camera's Manual Mode using song, dance, and a little bit (okay a lotta bit) of comedy! 

This course is for you if you:

  • Are a mom, business owner, or wanna be photographer who wants to learn how to use their camera to take professional images.

  • Are utterly confused as to how to work your camera. 

  • Have a wacky sense of humor and enjoy having fun while learning.

  • The best part? We made this family friendly so you can take the course with your kids and other family members who may want to join in on the fun! 


    Meet Your Guides!

    When Ali finds a mysterious camera in her new house, she accidentally releases a mysterious Gear Guardian who is searching for a photographer to take its photo.

    Despite her protesting, Ali is promptly whisked to the Guardian's "alternate reality" to find three characters who had tried and failed this quest before her.

    With the help of a wacky narrator, hilarity ensues as Ali attempts to teach her new "students" how to properly use a camera in order to appease the Gear Guardian.

    If she succeeds, the Gear Guardian releases them all. The catch? If she fails to get a proper photo, everyone is banished to the "alternate reality" forever. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!



      The Unenthused Participant that somehow wound up in this crazy mess. With 8 years of photography experience under her belt, her "students" are undoubtably in good hands.



      The World Famous Legume Chef with a 100% authentic French Accent. Maybe. He is attempting to win a plating competition, but his images are always too dark! With Ali's assistance though, he just might win!


      Shutter Speed

      The Spunky Cowgirl with an affinity for competitive puppy wrangling. Now if only her pup would just hold still so her photos wouldn't turn out blurry! Perhaps there's another way...



      When you meet this flighty Guardian of the Forest, you'll be charmed almost as much as her low budget snakes. Her goal is to achieve the "blurry background look" to take fancy images of her slithery friends.



      Friend or foe?? No one knows! The Mysterious Gear Guardian only reveals it's identity to those chosen to take the Quest! 



    We incorporate song (auditory) whiteboard coaching with analogies (visual) and hand's on action steps with recorded examples (kinesthetic) to make the process simple for all learning styles. 


    Our songs were written to explain each fundamental setting on manual mode. With printable lyrics, all you have to do is print them, memorize them and BAM! You'll never forget how to use your settings again! 


    The musical comedy broken into 6 segments (10-30 minutes of content per module) makes engagement easy. We promise we won't just vomit a bunch of information at you as you slowly fall asleep! 



    "I cannot believe how much I've learned in such a short time!"

    I first of all want to say thank you Lexie Machado for everything that you taught me in this course. Not only am I super pumped that I learned how to use manual I am now super confident about using the self timer. I got my camera in March, and I could not have done any of this without this course. I am very happy to have been a part of this. As you saw on my page, I have taken a few self portraits. I have people wanting to book me for photos! This would not have happened without YOU! I cannot believe that this has happened in just this short time but I am also super excited to see where this will take me from here. I cannot believe how much I've learned in such a short time! You are an amazing person and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me, you certainly have changed my life, in more ways than you know!

    -Kimberly M. 

    "It keeps you engaged and anticipating the next part of the course."

    When I started this course, I knew the very rough basics of working manual mode to the point I could manage to get by in a sticky situation. Upon completing this course, I feel extremely confident in using manual mode. Not only do I know how to manipulate the settings to achieve the image I am attempting to get, I know why the settings change the image the way they do. That is a big thing for me because I feel more confident when I know why! When you add in the fact this course is taught in musical form, it just gets better! Not only is it entertaining, it keeps you engaged and anticipating the next part of the course. That doesn't even begin to get in how awesome it is to be able to memorize a song to remember settings. I rate this course with 5 stars!

    -Lauren Hardin

    "Loved, loved, loved this creative project..."


    Lexie is amazing! She has taught me not only how to use the manual mode on my camera, she has inspired me to remember it. Loved, loved, loved this creative project she has lovingly put together. Look forward to learning way more from you in the future. You rock Lexie!!!

    -Heather Passant

    Warning: Your family may also unintentionally get roped in!


    Yes! This course was designed specifically for moms, business owners, and wanna be hobbyists/professionals who are either just starting out with their camera, or are a bit confused by manual mode! This course is also kid friendly but created for all ages. 

    No software, just the basics: a camera with an SD card, and internet access to access the course material. =) Some of our students go on to take our Photoshop course, but no editing software is needed for this particular class! 

    I work with a Canon 5D Mark III and Canon Rebel, but the lessons are relevant for any point and shoot or DSLR camera with a manual setting. (Sony, Nikon, etc) You can even use your smartphone if you like, but you'll need to purchase a camera app with ISO and Shutter Speed settings, and understand that features like aperture and white balance are limited or not available. Students are responsible for finding the specific buttons on their camera model, but the technique of manual mode is the same for all models.  

    The musical material is copyrighted, so downloads and redistribution of any kind is prohibited. HOWEVER, we include printable lyrics for you to keep, and you'll have lifetime access to the course through the platform! =)

    Due to the digital nature of the product, we don't offer refunds. Based on our past success with this course, we doubt you'll regret this purchase though ;)

    • 50 Minute Photography Musical (10 songs, 6 lessons) with printable lyrics.

    • 5 prerecorded coaching sessions breaking down the elements of Manual Mode. (Settings, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Exposure Triangle) 

    • Shoot with me! Complementary action steps and behind the scenes examples. 

    • 2 recorded Live Q+A sessions from the live class.

    • Bonus songs and/or coaching covering White Balance, Focus Modes, Back Button Focus, Headshot Posing, and Self Portraits!



    You Save 86%



    I’ve been active in comedic musical theatre ever since playing the “prince” in Snow White in 7th grade and decided right then that I wanted to make people laugh for the rest of my life.

    After getting diagnosed with POTS and SVT in early 2018, I was no longer physically able to participate onstage, but I missed it so much that I figured out my way around it.

    I began creating funny photography songs for my followers and found that I was able to pull it off without the pressure of live performance and the ability to let my body rest as it needed to in between takes.

    I wanted to be able to do this forever but it takes a lot of time to make those skits so I really had to sit down and ask myself two questions- can I create something that gives actual tangible value besides a moment of comedy, and can I monetize it so I can continue to spend time making these skits for people without worrying that doing so would keep me stuck in my parents' basement for all eternity! XD

    Flash back to third grade and memorizing songs that sang the multiplication tables, bills on capital hill, and the fifty nifty United States that we all still have stuck in our heads to this day. What if I taught people how to use manual mode on their cameras through song, but made the camera settings so catchy no one would ever get confused again?

    I noticed after showing my friend's 8 year old one of my funny songs, he was still singing it - fairly accurately - several hours later after only hearing it once, which confirmed that I was onto something.

    I decided I wanted to use my funny skits to create something educational that families can quickly memorize and have the knowledge to use their camera without getting confused. So that’s exactly what I did. I ignored all conventional business advice to create this and besides the awesome fact that it’s helping people make sense of their cameras, I also want this project to be proof that if you put your fear and uncertainty aside and go for the things your heart is telling you to do, you can create so many wonderful things!


    Those who are ready to brave this hero's journey can start their Manual Mode Quest here!


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